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Connecting & Configuring The Hardwares

Hardware Requirements and Basic Guides

  • NETGEAR wireless router with at least two Ethernet cable interfaces to connect each devices together. If you are going to use the router only for POS application router speed rating doesn't need to be very high. Check the wifi range (distance) before buy the router. iPad needs to be within this range. (Please check with the hardware vendor for more details)
  • Two(2) RJ45 (Ethernet) cables to connect printers to the router. You need two cables to connect cashier's printer and kitchen printer.
  • One(1) RJ11 cable to connect cash drawer to the printer. (Application deign to manage cash drawer via cashier's printer)
  • Cash drawer with RJ11 interface
Option for printers located at a further distance:
  • Connect via a longer cable.
  • Connect wirelessly via "Apple Airport Express" per printer (Works with STAR TSP 654, TSP 700 printers. EPSON currently doesn't support for Airport Express.)
Basic steps to connect the devices 

  • Configure wifi router (By default routers are configured, you may not need to do this step. Please check with your vendor.) Wifi routers are usually configured as a wifi hotspot with the IP address range of
  • Configure EPSON T88V LAN printers to router support the IP address - By default EPSON printers are configured to (You may need to change this address if this address doesn't support by the router. Please check with your vendor.)
  • Connect EPSON T88V LAN printers to router using RJ45 (Ethernet) cables.
  • Connect cash drawer to the EPSON printer using RJ11 cable
  • Connect bluetooth scanner with iPad, if needed. (Refer scanner user guid for instruction - different model may have different ways to connect)
  • Turn on router and printer.
  • Connect iPad to router via wifi.
  • Add printer IP address and port number (It is 9100 by default) and select printer model in POS app (System Preferences > Printer Settings).