Why you should use our eCommerce system

Replicates your offline business into an online business literally in minutes. Armed with a powerful management interface, Octopus eCommerce allows users to manage their own virtual stores easily.

Synchronise All Data

Synchronising offline and online database of product, customer, sales and inventory. Consolidating the information into a single dashboard that’s easy for you to interpret and understand.

Offer Powerful CRM System

Tracking customer behaviours. Offering different attractive promotions and loyalty programs. Engaging more customers and increasing conversion rate.

Handle Millions of SKUs

Keeping track of stock and product details has never been easier. Well-structured and designed system provides you the power to handle millions of SKUs with ease.

Control your Business

Trusted analytic reports show how your business is performing and helps you make data-driven decisions. Manage your manpower efficiently and control employee access to the system.

Wonder how to bridge the gap between online and offline

With Octopus eCommerce, you will be able to bring seamless experience to your customer. We provide a complete solution for your business. By keeping the data of your brick-and-mortar and your online store in one place, it's effortless to get insights on your customer behaviour and customise your services and operations accordingly to improve their shopping experience.

Competitive features to boost your sales

Promotion and Loyalty Program

Engaging more customers with different membership types; auto upgrading/downgrading of membership tiers; giving discount based on membership type; birthday promotion; point reward program etc.

Fully Integrated System

Whether it is the online store or physical store, your customer will be able to use their reward points and credits, redeem their promotion, promo codes and keep track all of their purchase history.

Efficient Order Tracking

Improve customer services by allowing user to return, exchange and cancel orders. Our advanced order tracking system will help you manage these issues with less hassle.


Octopus Solution brings seamless experience to your customers