Powerful modules to support your sales transaction

  • Consignment sales

  • Corporate sales

  • Price book

  • Credit note

Make customers fall in love with your business

  • Return/exchange item

  • Email Receipt

  • Multiple payment methods for one invoice

Keep track of 10,000 SKUs with ease

  • Transfer stock between outlet

  • Stock in stock out with file upload

  • Adjust and balance stock with audited document

  • Tracking serial numbers and batch

  • Know your revenue, cash collections and voided transactions in a glance with our easy to read reports
  • Assign different groups such as cashier, managers and back office staff with different privileges for granularity control
  • Easily allow proxy transactions with secure permissions
  • Manage your best customers by knowing who they are and reward them accordingly
  • Boost your sales with our promotional campaign modules and track the results
  • Manage your terminals/registers from our dashboard and have a bird’s eye view of your assets in place
  • Grow your existing customer base by offering special programs for your loyal customers
  • Attract new customers by offering special promotional codes
  • Know your best customers and upsell them by giving tailor made recommendations based on past purchasing preferences
  • Offer a better customer experience by allowing them a platform for feedback, access their own transactions

iPad Retail POS

Save more money with Retail POS which uses cloud technology. With more advanced features, you are now able to access your data such as inventory and reports any time anywhere



Octopus Admin Dashboard puts you in the owner’s position where you should be. With total administration and dashboard control at your fingertips, you can check your revenue, view reports, create promotion, track inventory, and more!


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What our customers say

Working with Octopus has been great as as their system has helped us grow from strength to strength - not only has it allowed us to scale but it also allowed us to monitor our stocks and key resource - our staff so that they can deliver wonderful service to our key assets – our customers

Nelson Yap, Benjamin Barker