What can Octopus™ offer ?

Whether you are in a brick-and-mortar business empire or developing your online retail kingdom, our patented and proprietary Octopus™ Retail Management System enables the seamless connection of point-of-sales systems and other core business operating systems to provide meaningful information for you to improve your business growth and productivity with just the click of a button.

Retail POS

A Comprehensive Retail Management Solution

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Food POS

An Ideal Choice for Modern
Café & Restaurants

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Reach Out to Your Potential Customers Online

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Companion Apps

Creating Wonders Together

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Tailored to Your Business Needs


Operates over a network

Stores data and transaction on a hosted server

Accessibility to your business from any device at any time

Low starting, pay-as-you-go investment


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Operates independently on a preferred device

Stores data and transaction on a local device

Accessibility to your business is limited to the particular device

One-time investment



Why Octopus™ ?


Best value for your investment

Affordable one-time fee
* applicable to standalone versions

Low starting price that includes sophisticated functions, free updates and online support
** applicable to cloud based versions


Deliver results that matters for your business

Real time reporting.

Access to sales report, performance data and be updated with how well your business is doing.

Instant updates.

Make changes to your products and get updated across the multiple connecting devices instantly.


Robust, scalable and future proof

Understand your business with business growth in mind.

Integrating new technologies to prepare your business for future expansion. Supports multilingual, multi tax rate, multi currency, cloud based storage, online transaction and mobile payment.


Beautiful interface packed with powerful features

Fast setup, flexible customisation, easy to use, clean and straightforward layout, ready to go.

Makes life easy and get your business started instantly. Sophisticated functions allow simple business management and easy adaptation throughout the ever-changing business environment.


Seamless interaction and integration

Works great alone. Works even better with other devices and hardware.

Facilitates seamless cross-platform and cross-devices interaction allowing you to move from one business environment to another. Pair Octopus POS with our stylish and ergonomic hardware.


Putting your business on Cloud

Accessibility. Login to your business from any corner of the world.

Peace of mind. Run your business online or offline. Works perfectly offline when the connection fails you. Auto synchronise with your database once the connection is re-established.

Secure. Your data is in safe hands, protected against hardware failure and theft.


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Our experienced staffs are always here to help. You can also access our guides and video to find out more useful information about our POS solutions.

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