Octopus™ Desktop POS default user login:
Username: admin Password: admin
Terminal Licenses refer to a single terminal activated for Point of Sales purposes. Octopus™ licenses come with unlimited user license.
Upgrades are changes in the major version number of the product and generally refer to the addition of major functionality to the software.

Updates are available to new customers(within the 3 month period) and those covered by a 12 month support/upgrade subscription.
Octopus™ works with the following:
- Star Micronics 'TSP-143U' receipt printer
- EC410 Cash Drawer with RJ11 connection
- Brother QL570 label printer
- Opticon Laser scanner 3201
Pre-installation instruction:
- You need to activate and login as Administrator user account before proceeding with the Octopus™ Installation for Windows 7
- Click on the Start button and enter "cmd"
- Right click on the cmd Program and select Run as Administrator (more info)
- In the command prompt windows, type: net user Administrator /active: yes and press enter (more info)
- Log off Windows
- When logging in to windows again, select Administrator user account
- Proceed to install Octopus Setup installation using Administrator user account
Yes, we do. Please email us at for more details.
New users will have a 1 month warranty against software defects. Any new upgrades will also be made available for new users for the first 3 months after the date of purchase. For additional support, our 12 month technical support package is available at US$399.

It covers the following:
- Free Octopus™ Upgrades
- Free Database Upgrades
- Incident reporting by email ONLY- limited to 10 incidents per year.


There are a few possibilities:
a) The product code entered is incorrect
b) The product code entered is incomplete
c) The product code has not been created yet
d) The product code was created in error

To correct the errors, perform the following:
a) Key in correct product code
b) Key in complete product code
c) Create product code from the Administration module
d) Amend the product code from the Administration module

For (c) and (d) to verify if the product code is available or is in error, click on search product(Magnifying Glass icon) and key in the product description to find it.
The product status is discontinued or archived. To change the status go to Administration > Product > Product Information and edit the product status.
Ensure after every amendment to the Quantity or Discount that you type, [ENTER] or [RETURN] key is pressed for changes to take effect before you click [OK].
Yes, you can. There is an All Item Discount that allows the user to key in the desired discount amount for all items.
Yes, you can. By clicking on the Save icon, just next to the "Total" column , you will be able to suspend the sales and move on to the next customer. To recall the sales, simply click the Open icon and the recall function will allow you to recall the selected sales back to the sales memo screen. There are no restrictions on how many suspend or recalls that you can do. At the end of the day, the suspended sales that eventually did not get transacted will get flushed away automatically.
You need to click on Add To List button to effect the Payment Mode before you can click on Confirm Payment.


Go to: Administration > Product > Mass Product Update > Update by File
1) Download the sample .csv file

Download the sample .csv file

2) Change file format if needed
3) Select field(s) to be updated

Select field(s) to be updated

4) Make changes to the product details

Make changes to the product detail

5) Upload the file
6) Preview & Confirm
Go to: Administration > Product > Mass Product Update > Update by Attributes
1) Input Product Code range e.g. From: 10-00022 | To: 10-00228
2) Update Product Attributes e.g. Attribute: Product Category | Value: [your new category]

Update Product Attribute


Either the name was keyed in wrongly, the customer information was created wrongly or the customer information was not created to begin with.

Go to Customer > Customer Information, type and press [ENTER] key at Search Key Word. This will display all the customers in the database. Find what you're looking for and edit accordingly. Ensure that the following fields are filled, as these are mandatory : Name, NRIC/Passport No., Expiry Date, Join Date & Customer Code. Also ensure punctuation characters are not used in the filling of the fields.
Ensure the printer is connected and powered on.

Go to Customer > Customer Information, find the particular customer information and ensure the mandatory fields in the customer information are filled ie. Name, NRIC/Passport No., Expiry Date, Join Date & Customer Code. Also ensure punctuation characters are not used in the filling of the fields.


Click on Sales > Void Sales > Void Sales Memo OR Void Credit Note. Type in the invoice number and please press [Enter] key.
You can only void invoices created within the same day. Invoices that are more than a day old can only be provided with credit note instead.


Credit notes are issued in the following order:
- Click on Sales > Credit Note
- Enter in the previous invoice number in the document field and hit [ENTER]
- Enter in the Product Code that you wish to issue a credit note for
- Click on Total > A printout is generated


Yes, you can. However, a deposit note is not considered as sales. The payment amount and mode of payment is simply captured.
We support payment via deposit and prepaid voucher.

Deposit :
- Deposit collected from a customer can be used for multiple purchases provided there is sufficient credits.

Prepaid Voucher :
- Prepare Prepaid Voucher with serial number and credit amount under Administration > Voucher Information.
- Sell the Prepaid Voucher with its value under Sales > Voucher Sales Memo.
- Returning customer makes purchase and payment using the Prepaid Voucher.

Note: Prepaid voucher is a one-time usage only.
Please contact us to discuss about other customised solution.


Stock Take is a process of counting the remaining balance of your physical products and comparing it with the system balance. E.g. Manually counting Product X and insert it to the system in Stock Take view. The system will show the system balance and discrepancies if any. This helps you to keep track of missing, damaged or stolen goods.
Yes, you can. Under Inventory > Inventory Overview. You will be able to view the stock balance of the product.
Yes, you can. Under Inventory > Inventory Overview, select the option display all outlets. You can display a singular product item or a style number.


Click on Report > Sales Report Search by Date, Invoice OR Keywords.


Your employee can Sign In and Sign Out under Attendance. View Attendance Report to check on employees' attendance status. Te maximum an employee can sign in and out is 4 times.


Yes, you can. Under Administration > System Configuration > Advanced Setting > Payment Round Off, select your preferred option.