Yes, you can add non-inventory items via the Open Key button.

Menu Creation

Go to Edit Menu view > Tap on Edit > Select the product > Tap on the image > Camera Roll > Select picture.
Yes, Octopus™ FoodPOS is extremely versatile in that it allows the user to configure up to 5 levels of depth within a menu tree.
No, not at the moment. Do keep your app updated to get the latest add-ons. We are looking forward to add more feature in the future updates.


Epson TM88V(Ethernet),Star TSP 654(Ethernet) and TSP 700(Ethernet), Blue Bamboo PM 25 and any generic ESC/POS printer running on ethernet interface.

We are looking forward to add more to the list in the future updates.
Yes, we support Blue Bamboo PM25
Our software works with Epson dot matrix printer for Red and Black colour print. Red is used to identify deleted items. Black is used to normal items.
Not necessarily - as long as the printers have a IP address. It is more important for the ethernet based printer to be in the same network as the others.
Yes. You have the option of printing it at A4 size or generating a pdf for emailing / record purpose.
We recommend Opticon, OPN-2002 and Opticon, OPR-3301. However, you can opt for various of other bluetooth barcode scanners which can be connected to iOS.
Any cash drawers with RJ11 connector.
1. Configure the wifi router (Check with the vendor for default configuration)
2. Configure the LAN printer* to the IP address that is supported by the router.
3. Connect the printer to the router using RJ45 (Ethernet) cable.
4. Connect the cash drawer to the printer using RJ11 cable.
5. Connect bluetooth scanner with iPad (Refer scanner user guide for instruction, different model may have different ways to connect).
6. Turn on the router and the printer.
7. Connect the iPad to the router via wifi.
8. Add printer IP address (check with vendor for default configuration) and port number (9100 default for most printers) and select printer model in Retail POS app (preferences > printer settings).
*Star TSP 654series and TSP 700 series and Epson T88V series printers only or Or click to view detailed guide
On standalone mode and offline mode, the system runs with an internal database. There is no need for internet connectivity. It synchronises with your data online once a connection is established. However, a local wifi connection is required if there are multiple Terminals to handle.


Go to System Preferences view > Select Application Settings > Go to Other Settings > Change Currency Symbol
You cannot edit the invoice number, however, you can change the invoice prefix in the System Preferences section > General Setting > Other Setting.


If you are running on a single device, you can opt for the standalone app. If you are running on more then one device and require to connect 2 or more devices together, or if you want to access the data on the cloud you can opt for the hosted server solution
You pay a one-off price for a single license on standalone system. For multiple connected devices, you pay as you go. Choose monthly or annual payment for each device, plus a one-time turn-on fee.
You are welcomed to register for a trial. We will send you the account details.
You can access the data on the Hosted server from the device which has the Octopus Foodpos app installed.
Yes the system can handle order input from multiple devices.
Yes, you can. You need to create a connection to the printer and tag menu items to the intended printer.
Add printers
System Preferences > System Settings > Printer Settings > Add > Input your printer's details e.g. Kitchen Printer, Drink Bar Printer, Cashier Printer etc.

Tag menu item to the printer(s)
Edit menu > Add new item > Send to (Printer) > Select printer(s)
The Food POS is essentially a cashier point. The eWaiter is an app purely for order taking for use by the waiters. Orders will be sent instantly to the kitchen / beverage printer.


Yes it does. Octopus™ FoodPOS offers a item discount and a bill discount.
he Octopus™ FoodPOS is what the user makes of it, the items can be creatively coded to reflect the different time of day prices hence making it possible to setup time sensitive items. However it is not possible to track it automatically.
Yes, the Octopus™ FoodPOS allows the user to send the sales data over email.
There is none at the moment, but we will be looking into that as a in-app purchase within the next 2 months.
Octopus™ FoodPOS works with cash registers that has a RJ 11 connection.