Enhance the customer order pickup experience

Octopus Self-Service Kiosk provides customers the option to browse product offerings and place orders by themselves without any social friction. Using the kiosk, customers can take the time they need to explore the retail store’s full inventory.

Free up customer’s time for browsing

With the Octopus Queue Management System, customers can track their order status on the queue management display at any time, giving them peace of mind to freely browse the rest of the store while waiting for their order to be ready.

Seamlessly synced to the POS workflow

The Octopus Queue Management System integrates seamlessly with the POS suite of solutions, to provide accurate real-time order status updates to customers on the queue management display.

Reduce labor and improve productivity

With Octopus Queue Management System, your store will need fewer store associates to manage the order pickup counter. Furthermore, store associates can now focus on interactions that require in-person assistance, as well as on other tasks that increase sales and improve the customer experience.

Customer Setup

Queue Management System set up @Burger&Bun
Queue Management System set up @Irvins


Octopus Queue Management System pricing varies based on hardware selection and your existing POS subscription plan. Contact us to learn more