Companion Apps

Octopus™ Mobile POS

Point of Sales with Mobility in Mind

POS is now even more compact for your phone. Octopus™ Mobile POS is a complete all-in-one solution that is ideal for retailers and consumer merchants alike.

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An Integrated Solution

Get It combines retail, with inventory and reporting all in a single package – coupled with ease of use for the end user.

It is ideal for varying scale of operations, whether you are a up-and-coming merchant or established enterprise with several outdoor sales staff.

Works Online & Offline

Octopus™ Mobile POS can functions both offline and online. When online, the data synchronizes* back to the HQ server and allows HQ to see the sales and transactions that were done.

* For synchronization back to HQ, it is required that users subscribe to cloud service.

Octopus™ Admin Dashboard

Pulse for Your Business

Octopus Admin Dashboard gives the business owners their key performance indexes - whether it is their sales revenue, best sellers or what colour sells best in which season.

With Octopus Admin Dashboard, business owners have the pulse of their business at their finger tips.

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Real Time Reports

Get access to all the figures instantly. View your hourly sales, daily sales and sell through at a glance. See which the best-selling items are contributing to your business.

Define Your Sales Target

E-mail PDF version of the reports to your marketing team. Utilize exported sales data to set sales target and plan for your next promotion and sales event.

Monitor Business Performances

Monitor how your business is performing. Analyse trends and sales by period, product and other criteria. Track gross margin and profits easily anywhere, anytime of the day.

Octopus™ Catalogue

Showcase Your products

Octopus Catalog is an extension of Octopus™ POS that allows user to easily create their own catalogs. This app is ideal for users who want to professionally showcase their products to the customer. It is fully integrated with Octopus POS so that the business owner can track the inventory and sales modules.

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Expand Retail Space

It easily extends the viewable space in a retail store by creating a larger-than-life shopping experience to the customers so even with limited space in a retail store, customers can view the entire product range that the retailer has.

Always Up-to-Date

Sync and get instant catalogue updates while away from the office.

Easy to maintain. Add product details, photos, categories and subcategories.

Manage Orders

While browsing the catalogue, customers can order the product using the app, where the order will be sent to the relevant sales staff.

Octopus™ Jobsheet

Jobs-Tracking made Easy

Octopus  Jobsheet is an extension of Octopus™ POS that allows user to create their own jobsheets. The app is ideal for user who want to create service form or customers filling form. It is fully integrated with Octopus™ POS so that user can track their customer information and inventory.

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Octopus™ Count

For All Your Stock-Take Needs

Octopus Count is a simple stock taking product that allows the user to do a stock count of their inventory, and upload the file or email the stock count file out for internal processing.

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