Octopus™ E-Commerce replicates your offline business into online business literally in minutes. Armed with a powerful management interface, Octopus™ E-Commerce allows users to manage their own virtual stores easily, including management of images, setting up promotion activities and monitoring of your inventory and customers from an integrated standpoint.

Your Business Never Sleeps

Get your business to work for you even when you are asleep or on vacation. Publish your products / services and start an online presence.

Go Borderless

Break out from your market and bring your business to the international level. See how our solutions can enhance your market reach and customer base.

POS-Connected Hassle-free Product Input

Add in product easily from your existing POS product database. Or opt to input new or online-exclusive products via web access. Makes inventory management easy.


Choose your preferred theme, customise the layout and you are ready to sell online. Simple interface allows you to insert your company logo; create new pages, page navigation and product blogs easily. No prior programming skills needed.


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