Octopus™ Food POS

Octopus™ Food POS is a Point-of-Sale System that provides effective tools and information to allow you to make informed and smart decisions on your F&B operations. For many years, we have been working closely with F&B business owners to ensure our system continue to add value at each stage of their growth. With our solutions, managing your F&B business cannot be easier, thus saving you time and money. Why wait, try it now!


  • Specific Multi-Room Table Layout
  • Easy Check Splitting
  • Integrated Payment Options
  • Multi-Printer Order Routing


  • Standardized, Exportable Reports
  • Inventory Management
  • Menu management
  • Add-on Companions App


Fuss-free Setup

Connects Octopus™ to all your hardware seamlessely. Your kitchen printer, bar printer, kitchen display system can start operating within minutes. Setting up your POS has never been this easy!

Order Management

Intuitive and user-friendly way to take orders from multiple wireless devices. Managing orders with flexible table arrangement has never been so easy! 

Food Menu

Create, edit and update food items easily. Arrange foods into menu groups. Re-arrange sub menus inside main menus. View the menus and products in sales view. Well-categorized menu items ease the search and ordering process.

Table Layout Management

Allows a quick view of table availabilities and order status on each table. Build the floor plan, populate it with a few entries and you are ready to assign guests to each table.

Smart Modifiers

Customise food orders the way your customers want it, enhancing their dining experience.

Bill Management

Provides your customer the option to split or merge the bills.


FOOD POS for iPad

Octopus™ Food POS+

Octopus™ Food POS

Save more money with Octopus™ Food POS+. Using cloud technology and much more advanced features, you are now able to access your data such as inventory and operating reports any time anywhere.

Get it now for your business with just 29.95 USD/month

Get the app for your business at a fuss-free one-time price, with no hidden charge or recurring monthly maintenance fees.

Installation is a breeze - simply click download the application from the iTunes App Store


Add-ons and Companion Apps

Creating wonders together

Octopus™ Waiter
Octopus™ Menu
Octopus™ Dashboard

Allowing your waiters to take customer orders using an iPhone, iPod or iPad and send orders to the kitchen or beverage counter.

Create new dining experience by allowing your customers to create orders via iPad on each table.

Give the business owners their key performance indexes - sales reports, customer analysis, product trends etc.