Tailored Solutions for Your Retail & Repair Store

20 February 2020

If you are the manager of a retail and repair store, a huge pain point is in managing the different systems between your retail operations and your repair workflows.

Octopus has tailored solutions that are deployed in retail and repair stores – seamlessly integrating retail operations and repair workflows. Here’s how our tailored solutions for retail and repair stores work:

1) Customer Data Management
When a customer is frustrated with a purchase that needs repair, the best way to regain trust and customer loyalty is to promptly meet the customer’s needs. Quickly pulling up the customer profile, product purchase records, product warranty information and engaging the customer with what he or she needs will go a long way to salvaging that customer relationship. All these requires a robust customer data management or CRM system that is synced and accessible to both your retail and repair operations, ensuring that your staff is ready to service any customers returning to your store for repairs.

2) Repair Process Management
A repair order management system is needed to streamline repair process management. Your customer service team will use the system to create repair or service orders. Your service technicians will use the system to manage and update the status of the repair orders. With real-time progress tracking of the repair process, customer service staff and customers will know the status of the repair at any time.

3) Product and Warranty Tracking
When you offer warranties for the repairs you complete of customers’ products, you need a system that will allow you to create new warranties tied to specific product serial numbers, or to extend warranties for specific product serial numbers. All these product and warranty data should be synced to the store’s CRM system and the relevant customer profiles.

4) Inventory and Repair Parts Management
Service technicians managing the product repair process needs to be able to easily record the repair parts and materials used, and have the items withdrawn from inventory. An easy to use inventory and repair parts management system will facilitate the process, ensuring stock levels are accurate and tracked for timely product and repair parts ordering and replenishing.

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